New Paintings

Update May 2017 – FINALLY I am daring to get serious with oils, and here it is, my first still life, I can’t describe how much I loved doing this one! 

Bachelor's Breakfast

I’ve been feeling the need to follow my old painting urges, rediscovering and revamping my old style, with the delicious new options of wonderfully bright and vibrant inks. How wonderful to get lost with paints again. Just some examples of what I’ve been up to this summer (2016), and there will be more to come. Actually, the endless ideas are giving me proper insomnia, there really should be a way of not having the best ideas at 3am… stone is calling in the garage, glass in the studio, and paint in my office. No escape. If you would like to purchase any of these works in print form, even on an fantastic selection of products, please visit my online shop here: Redbubble print store/Gisela Gibbon


Let's Fly Away, mixed media on paper, 420 x 300mm (A3) painted especially for the Scarborough Arts Hospital exhibition, to give passing patients a moment of escape. © Gisela Gibbon


 know, a bit mad, right? "Under the Moolight". Mixed media, 210x300mm. The white lines are really silver. Various sized prints are available, for those who love it for the fun as I do. © Gisela Gibbon.


Three Ships © Gisela Gibbon


'I see you everywhere' © Gisela Gibbon


Glowing Seas © Gisela Gibbon


Water colour for a DVD cover design, "Secret Island" for ©Gisela Gibbon

Sunny Field © Gisela Gibbon


'The Escape' © Gisela Gibbon


Sea Shanty © Gisela Gibbon


The Bouquet ©Gisela Gibbon


"Whispers" ©Gisela Gibbon


'It's A Jungle Out There' © Gisela Gibbon