Oh dear, I’ve been slacking with updating my website. Working on mentioned commission, trying to sell and move house, family wedding in July, and and and. The last painting I did was in June for the Scarborough Hospital exhibition, what patient wouldn’t enjoy daydreaming about taking off in a balloon just for a while? And Redbubble has been quite exciting, with enabling more clothes including A-line dresses and more to be printed from my artwork. Again, just an example here, of the painting I did for a training DVD cover design for my husband Howard Gibbon.  If anything of my work takes your fancy, go right ahead and treat yourself or feel free to contact me about a private commission, especially tailored to your tastes.

Secret Island Dress

Where It Will Take Us

Oct 2015 Still painting, and loving it. Private mosaic commission in the pipeline, I very much look forward to that one, but in the meantime, letting the brushes do almost anything they like, well, yes, great fun. More on my NEW PAINTINGS page in the menu, this one is the latest, and I really love it, those Cornish cows were SO cute, well, I had to incorporate a holiday sketch into something mad and colourful.

Under the Moolight

June 2015 The painting urge has taken hold of me again, after years of making it secondary to other creative urges of mine. I had forgotten the joy of painting so intensely you find yourself holding your breath to get the lines just right. Have been playing with layering transparent inks, combined with acrylics, and just letting it flow.

Three ShipsGiselaGibbon

Sunny Seas

April 2015 Bigger project still on the go, but also allowing myself time for smaller work, like these little bears.

Playing with the young

Feb 2015

Much recovered, at last! And working on a hugely exciting as yet pretty much secret project, so won’t show you yet! But, feeling strongly about the issue of supporting local trade and a healthy happy planet, I just launched this limited edition ‘tops with a message’ project, for fun, and to get the message out there! Have a look, only available until March 27th 2015 and rather great, if I may say so myself!

May 2014

Still slowed down, not carving much, but learning new things in the meantime, like doing wire work, resulting in my first beaded wire work bracelet ever, with beads made by friends of mine, namely Gay Massender (Scarborough) and Angie Gemsa from Mitosis Glass in Canada. Thinking of combining different art forms.. the possibilities are endless.

Wirework bracelet Gisela Gibbon

April 2014

A frozen shoulder is slowing me down! However, I finished ‘Triumph’ look, all coloured now, I’m pleased with it.

'Triumph' Gisela Gibbon

February 9th 2014 progress plaster carving ‘Triumph’

Triumph WIP3

Jan 6th 2014

Happy New Year!! Getting more and more interested in plaster carving, updates to follow soon.

Nov 24th 2013

It’s 4 weeks of discounts!! Find my offer on this page three here of the wonderful Totally Locally Scarborough Magic Tenner offers (for more please follow the link) and enjoy the discount, all the way to Dec 24th.

tenner offer


Nov 4th 2013

My new ‘Black Gold’ series, reminiscent of the history, industry, character and promise of coal, is now well under way, for sale in the Cloughton Coast Gallery later this week – preview:

Oct 2013

How wonderful!! My penguin mosaic kit, designed exclusively for Mosaic Supplies LTD, is now for sale! Do have a look on their website!



Totally Locally Scarborough! A wonderful community to be a member of. See more at:


Goodness, I’ve neglected my updates on my website, even though my friends on the social networks might find that hard to believe. Hello!! Obviously, the gallery keeps getting updated, and I hope you will enjoy my new sculpture videos which I feel show more than just an image of the final result. In the meantime I’ve had the lovely experience to learn enameling, very useful for glass workers, have again dabbled with painting, even on the ipad feeling quite ‘with it’, am working on a private mosaic commission and on two separate stone carvings, as well as another birdbath.  Please do take a peek at my new photo prints selling site, link in the pages menu on the left. See you soon. Thanks for visiting!


What a long winter, but how delightful to discover how much I truly love stone sculpting. Watch this space, there is more to come… Also, it’s been an absolute delight to discover what a helpful bunch stone sculptors and carvers seem to be, good folk, I am so happy to find myself in their midst more and more.

Autumn/Winter 2012

I have finally ventured into mosaic portraits, working from photographs, please see my latest work in the gallery, a portrait of my aforementioned friend Saad R Mikhaiel,  a whole new challenge to get the spirit of  person across while cutting and sticking glass, but so far so promising, please judge for yourself :-) A mosaic portrait would indeed make a very unique gift for someone special.

Summer 2012

It’s been a lovely summer, with a new artistic love to be explored – stone sculpture! Yes, really! When time permits I will add a stone sculpture page to this website, what a wonderful art and the perfect balance to mosaic, not adding but taking away, fascinating.

January 2012

Happy New Year everybody! Busy with another birdbath and a small charity piece for the Esther Bemjamin Trust,

July 2011

After repeated requests for tuition I have added a tuition page to this website with all the information you’ll need first off. Please go to ‘Tuition’ on the page links on the left. As always for any enquiries just get in touch.

July 2011

Very good news, I have been selected to be included in the first edition of the ‘Handmade in Britain’ design book. In their words: ” The book will feature only 100 of the most talented designer-makers on a personal level as well as showcasing their work”. Wonderful :-) Update: Even good news aren’t always straightforward. Turns out that I needed to either take my work to a London photographic studio, by the next day of notification, or provide 30MB images, again by the next day. Both as impossible as each other. So had to give this one a miss. Still, there is always another year, and at least now I know what’s required. Nice to have been selected anyhow.

I am now offering ‘Gypsum Plaster with Stained Glass’ windows and lamps.

These are custom made using the traditional Egytpian Christian Church window techniques as  taught to me by S.R. Mikhaiel in Cairo. Beautiful as interior feature windows, to add interest to separating walls, or for light sculptures, etc. Any design, traditional or modern is possible. Totally unique and wonderful. To see more of his work please go to the videos page.

January 2011

Happy to take part in the mosaic artists’ charity project for the ‘Esther Benjamins Trust’


October 2010

Master Classes in Mosaic Design

were held in Colchester (Oct.24th) and Stoke-on-Trent (Oct 30th+31st), a joint project between Gisela Gibbon and Saad R. Mikhaiel (S&G Studio). Please contact Gisela for UK courses in October/ November 2011, or for more information about last years course click here


September 2010

The wonderful Cloughton ‘Coast Gallery’ accepts my work for sale and exhibits, so I’m still busy making mosaics especially for this wonderful Gallery Cafe, art and good food combined! Well worth a visit.


August 2010

Completion of the Hare Commission for Hares Leap Farmshop and Restaurant, Scarborough


July 2010

My “Wave of Creation”, now sold, and my other work is shown in the York Guildhall ‘Unique Vision’ exhibition.


May 2010

Back in Egypt for S.R. Mikhaiel’s famous Micro Mosaic Exhibition at Cairo Opera House

May 2010

My work is featured in the Mosaic Yearbook 2010 (


Feb/March 2010

Studio time in Cairo under tutorship of S.R. Mikhaiel

Training with SRM Cairo


March 2009

Winner of the ‘Job of the Month’ TilersForums award for my Apple Tree mosaic bathroom installation, with all mosaic, tanking and tiling work carried out by myself.

Apple tree & tiling bathroom project


December 2008

NETT advanced wall and floor tiling qualification